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Без чьего-либо ведома

An interesting expression: "без чьего-либо ведома", or "без ведома такого-то", means without somebody's knowledge, unknown to somebody. The word "ведом" as "knowledge" is very old and is not used anymore, but its roots can be found in many other modern words:
ведомость (n., f.) - list, pay-sheet, roll.
ведомство (n., n.) - department, authorities.
ведьма (n., f.) - witch.
ведь - (conjunction).
заведовать (v., imp.)- to be in charge, to be the head (of department).
заведующий(n., m.) - head (of department).
заповедь - (relig.) commandment, precept.
музыковед - musicologist.
неведомый - unknown.
неведение - ignorance.
проведать, наведаться - to visit someone, to come to see.
проповедь - sermon, исповедь - confession. (observe the usage of prefixes "ис-" and "про-").
сведения (n., plural) - information, knowledge, data.
уведомить (v., perf.) - to inform, to notify.
уведомление (n., n.) - official notification, notice.
Also note: ведмедь (Ukrainian) = медведь (Russian) = bear. "Knows-honey".
Another note: "veda" means "knowledge" in Sanskrit.
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