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Short Quiz - CLOSED

UPDATE: This quiz is closed. See the results here.

Now we're going to have some fun.
Below you can find a short quiz in daily_russian's materials, specially created for NON-Russian readers. Comments are screened. The first correct answers will be rewarded with a userpic "The DailyRussian Best Reader" :) The quiz is valid at least till May 17th (to be confirmed). Some questions have more than one correct answer.

Russian readers: a quiz for you is coming soon.

1. How would you literally translate "медведь"?
a). Bear, why???
b). Honey-Knows.
c). Honey-something.

2. The most widespread family name is Russia is:
a). Ivanov.
b). Putin.
c). Smirnov.

3. Suppose you're introduced to a Russian guy with the name Sergey Smirnov and his wife Olga. What is her family name, how would you suppose?
a). No idea. Whatever.
b). Smirnoff.
c). Smirnov.
d). Smirnova.

4. How would you understand the following phrase: "Ну, на самом деле, я думаю, что как бы это самое."?
a). Well, in fact, I think that's like this.
b). Eh, eh, m-m-m.

5. How would you shortly explain the following situation, using slang expressions: "There's a new colleague, she has always asked for help. As it's customary to help new people here, and basically, I'm a kindhearted person, I have always helped her. Later she began imposing herself on my friends, at the same time asked me to do things with no connection to work, f.e., to lend some money, to buy something. In fact, I missed the moment when she started enjoying my confidence. My help is accepted as my due."?
a). Она халтурит.
b). Она села на шею.
c). Она как об стенку горох.

6. Is there Santa Claus in Russia? If yes, what is his name?
a). Santa Claus.
b). Djed Frost. Wait, maybe Babushka?
c). Ded Moroz.
d). Snegurochka.

7. What is the correct translation for "married" in Russian ?
a). Женатая.
b). Женатый.
c). Замужний.
d). Замужняя.

8. Who wrote "Eugene Onegin"?
a). Dostoevsky
b). Tolstoy.
c). Pushkin.
d). Tchaikovsky.

9. Which languages spoke the Russian nobility in XVIII-XIX?
a). French & Russian.
b). English & Russian.
c). French & English.

That's it.
Thank you everyone!
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