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Quiz results

Okay, we successfully finished our first Very Important Quiz. I hope you liked it, and probably you'll get such short tests from time to time.

The quiz consisted of 9 questions based on daily_russian's articles, some questions had more than 1 correct answer. There were 10 replies (not so many), and unfortunately none of the participants got the maximum possible mark. But anyway, there're two winners, who gave the best answers. Below you can find the answers' review, and now...
The Oscar "Best Reader" title goes to...



Congratulations!! :) I'm not sure you'll like the userpics, but anyway you have your title :)

1. How would you literally translate "медведь"?
a). Bear, why???
b). Honey-Knows.

Both answers were correct. Of course, the idea was to check how attentively you read the articles.
Link to the article about it: "Без чьего-либо ведома."

2. The most widespread family name is Russia is:
c). Smirnov.
Yes, it is. The most famous, well-known, etc. is Ivanov, of course. And again, the quiz was based on this community's materials.
Link to the article about it: "ФИО."

3. Suppose you're introduced to a Russian guy with the name Sergey Smirnov and his wife Olga. What is her family name, how would you suppose?
d). Smirnova.
Link to the article about it: "ФИО."</i>

4. How would you understand the following phrase: "Ну, на самом деле, я думаю, что как бы это самое."?
a).Well, in fact, I think that's like this.
b). Eh, eh, m-m-m.

Both are correct, in fact.
Link to the article about it: Addition to the previous article "That's, Like, Totally Bad Russian"

5. How would you shortly explain the following situation, using slang expressions: "There's a new colleague, she has always asked for help. As it's customary to help new people here, and basically, I'm a kindhearted person, I have always helped her. Later she began imposing herself on my friends, at the same time asked me to do things with no connection to work, f.e., to lend some money, to buy something. In fact, I missed the moment when she started enjoying my confidence. My help is accepted as my due."?
b). Она села на шею.
"Она халтурит" - means she doesn't work good, she works careless. "Она как об стенку горох" means she doesn't react on anything, nothing can make her do this or that. "Она села на шею" means she uses someone's kindness or wish to help to suit her own selfish ends.
Link to the article about it: "Сесть на шею"

6. Is there Santa Claus in Russia? If yes, what is his name?
c). Ded Moroz.
It was the easiest question. :)

7. What is the correct translation for "married" in Russian ?
b). Женатый.
d). Замужняя.

Both are correct, according to gender.
Link to the article about it:"Женатый/Замужняя"

8. Who wrote "Eugene Onegin"?
c). Pushkin.
d). Tchaikovsky.

Both are correct, but it was necessary to answer at least "c". Everyone did. Tchaikovsky wrote the opera.

9. Which languages spoke the Russian nobility in XVIII-XIX?
a). French &Russian.
It was a sort of a tricky question. The answer was in a post published after the quiz.
Link to the article about it: Selected quotations from "Общее языкознание"

Anyway, everyone is a great reader. Let's check it again in some time!
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