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По вашим просьбам/Upon your requests:
Базар (n., m.):

1. Usual meaning: Market. Some dictionaries advice replacing it with a word "рынок" as the more modern. Anyway, it's often used in colloquial speech:
- Где вы мясо такое хорошее покупаете? (Where do you buy such good meat?)
- На базаре. (At the market)

2. Figurative: Disorder, mess, confusion.
- Опять в пиаре базар развели - все хором одновременно говорят, суетятся, работать невозможно. (There's again the mess in the PR(-department): they talk all together at once, they fuss, it's not possible to work here.)
развести базар (v., perf.asp.; разводить базар - imperf.asp.) - to make a mess, fuss;
устроить базар (v., perf.asp.; устраивать базар - imperf.asp.) - to make a mess, fuss;
разбазарить что-либо (v., perf.asp; разбазаривать что-либо - imperf.asp.) - to waste something, to squander. F.e. деньги, страну (money, country).

3. Figurative: Slangy meaning, originates from prisoners' speech. Low colloquial, rough. Means: to have a talk; talks, disputes, discussions. Doesn't sound good and intelligent when used in this meaning, except for joking, perhaps. Used in many idiomatic expressions:
гнилой базар - useless, disagreeable, annoying talks;
держать базар - to have a talk;
кончай базар! - stop talking!
отвечать за базар - to be responsible for the talks and used words;
свернуть базар - to stop talking, to change the topic;
фильтровать базар - to select appropriate expressions for the certain talk, to think about the words one uses.
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